What One Must Know About Winning at Online Blackjacks

What One Must Know About Winning at Online Blackjacks

For many players, blackjack is the perfect game to get started in the world of online games. This is simply because online blackjack is fun and not much of a complicated game to play.

In fact, it is a classic game where one needs to play till the end to get a real hang of it. If a player wants to win consistently by playing the fabulous game of blackjack in the online world, they need to follow some specific strategies and rules.

Besides the strategies involved in online blackjack, a player needs to consider certain things and always keep a note of them if they are eager to have a consistent taste of success in the long run.

Here is a comprehensive list of the things a player needs to know about winning frequently by playing the game of online blackjacks

Choose the Right Blackjack Platform

When a player decides to play online blackjack, it is important to remember that all online platforms are not at all the same.

Similar to brick-and-mortar gaming parlors, in the virtual world, the edge always lies with the house. Although blackjack has one of the lowest house edges, still the game is designed in such a way that platforms stay on the winning side more often than the players. Given this fact, there are many websites that basically cheat players.

Online platforms primarily cheat players in two ways. Either they run a rigged game or they don’t end up paying the winners. Thus, it is highly recommended that before investing time and money in a particular platform, one goes through the players’ reviews about that particular site.

If anything dicey comes to one’s notice, it’s always better to look for a more trusted and established option.

Choose the Right Game of Blackjack

There are some online blackjack platforms that strictly keep a track of all the cards while there are some shady ones that randomly spin up a card in order to decide which one to play next. In the latter ones, the Ace of a particular suit can come up more than one time, even if the game is played on a single deck. Such platforms should be avoided at all costs.

Also, there are some platforms out there that offer different blackjack games with a separate set of rules and have a different name altogether. If a player chooses to play one of those games without understanding the rules correctly, they might always end up making the wrong assumptions and lose a lot of money.

The platform might be offering the player way better odds at some particular hands but if the individual hasn’t read and understood the rules properly, even by using the same strategies they can find it hard to win the game that they thought they knew so well.

So, before making up one’s mind to play a particular blackjack game, it’s always wise to go through the rules and regulations in a thorough manner.

Choose Bonuses Wisely

Almost all legitimate websites today give players some bonuses to start with in order to boost their personal bankroll. Although these welcome gifts come with some terms and conditions, these freebies are great especially for an amateur player to try and test strategies.

If a player is a bit adventurous, he or she can use these bonuses to even try out some of the new strategies that he or she has picked up by playing the game. It is recommended that a player chooses a platform that offers loyalty bonuses along with welcome deposits because it’s obvious that a player won’t stay as a newcomer on a platform for a very long time.

These loyalty bonuses can increase one’s share of profit manifold if used wisely and strategically.

Avoid Side Bets & Never Buy Insurance

This is a common strategy that professional online blackjack players use almost unanimously across the board.

Side bets are basically second bets placed within the same blackjack game. Some examples of side bets are – Royal 20’s, Royal Match, Under/Over 13 Hand, and Bet the Set. By placing a side bet, a player might increase their chance of winning more money, but all that the player does here is guessing. And guessing always increases the chances of losing than winning.

Insurance is just another form of a side bet. A player is offered blackjack insurance when the house shows an Ace. The principle idea behind this is that the insurance will automatically offset a player’s losses if the house makes a blackjack.

In the long run, this is never a wise idea  – why should a player pay a price from insurance in the hope that the house will make a blackjack? Just like other side bets, these insurances naturally lead to more losses.

Learn Which Numbers to Stand With

Similar to a real-world gaming parlor, a player’s hand value in an online blackjack game is never absolute and it always depends on the house’s cards.

If the card from the house comes as a Face or an Ace, it is okay for a player to risk a bit more and hit a card even if they have 14 or even 15 points. This is simply because if the Face Down card or the Hole Card from the house comes as a Face Card, the player will still lose the bet. So, why not take a measured risk at the beginning?

Since the house’s Upcard has a value that falls between 2 and 6, it is not wise for a player to risk too much if they have a mediocre hand as mentioned above. The logic behind this is no matter what, the house is forced to draw until it scores a minimum of 17 points. So, in this case, particularly there is more chance for the house to go bust as long as the player avoids going bust on their own.

Make Good Use of Doubling & Splitting

Double down and split are two extremely important rules of online blackjack, which when used wisely can turn in a lot of profit for a player.

This is a corollary to the above point as when the house comes up with a Face or an Ace, doubling down on it can be a very risky proposition. It is recommended that a player doubles down on all other occasions except that one.

As far as the split is concerned, the strategy is a bit complex. The thumb rule in blackjack is never to split pairs of 4s, 5s, and 10s but always split pairs of 8s and Aces. For all other scenarios, the condition depends on what cards the house shows. If the house shows a card that comes between 3 and 7, going for a split is not a bad decision although it is important to remember that splitting then significantly decreases the chance of winning for the player.

Learn the 1-3-2-6 Betting Strategy

Just like all betting games in the online world, the blackjack comes with a basic betting strategy, a conservative betting strategy, and an aggressive or Martingale betting strategy. All these strategies depend on a player’s personal bankroll until and unless one is a millionaire or a billionaire and need not worry about splashing the cash. In such a scenario, the individual can then easily forget about the basic and the conservative strategy and go with the Martingale system each time and every time.

For general players and blackjack enthusiasts with limited bank balances, the 1-3-2-6 betting strategy is the safest one to go with because it neither requires a significant bankroll nor involves significant risk.

The numbers in the strategy signify how one should go about betting if they win their first hand in an online blackjack game. This betting system is designed to extract the maximum profits from a player’s winning streak.

If a player, by virtue of their skill and knowledge, is going on a run of a 4-hand winning streak, then applying this betting strategy will surely make the player a responsible champion in the game, and that too for a longer period of time. 

Proper Management of Bankroll

This final point is not specifically about playing online blackjacks but all about common sense that will improve one’s overall game in the longer scheme of things.

Biting off more than one can chew is never ever a good idea in life as well as in the virtual world of gaming parlors. If a player is always betting more than what they can afford at one particular point, chances are that the player is nearing burn-out pretty soon.

On the other hand, if a player continues the game by betting minimum, they are sensibly negating the risk of getting bankrupt even if luck is not particularly favoring them. Once a player starts to earn some profit, only then should they raise the stakes.

Therefore, play responsibly to stay in the game rather than go all-in and lose miserably in the end.


It feels great to be a successful online blackjack player and this is totally within reach if one keeps in mind the aforementioned strategies. Apart from these tips and tricks though, one still has to keep on practicing the game if they are serious about turning in some profits by playing the exciting game of blackjack. And to this, there are absolutely no tricks or shortcuts.

A player needs to keep track of the changing house rules while playing the game of blackjack on any established gaming website and tweak strategies accordingly to stay ahead of the house.

Beyond all the rules and game plans, one has to have a passion for the game and for long-term success. There is no substitute for preparation and self-improvement, especially in blackjack. The more one learns, the more one grows and stays ahead of the house and competitors. So along with the application of online blackjack strategies, a player needs to have fun, bet wisely, and keep on practicing to form a strong habit of winning.

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