Things to Avoid When Getting Big Sweepstake Prizes

Things to Avoid When Getting Big Sweepstake Prizes

Players who participate in online sweepstake contests almost regularly, more often than not, tend to have a negative image when it comes to the sponsors’ feedback on them. The fundamental reason for this is that the professional players get jaded upon winning almost consistently rather than getting honestly excited about it.

To keep this negative impression at bay, a player needs to be a little gracious and appreciative when he or she has been declared the winner of the great grand prize.

Let’s look at some of the things that a player can avoid when getting big sweepstake prizes

Better Not To Brag About Wins

When a player brags about winning grand prizes that he or she had won from previous sweepstakes contests in order to impress a sponsor, the player falls out of the good books of the sponsor.

This simply happens because no sponsor likes to feel like they are just another feather in the player’s hat, even if the sponsor is offering some grand prizes in their contests. The secret is to make each sponsor feel like their contest has a special place in the player’s heart and the prizes that are on offer are some of the best gifts that the player has ever received.

So, what does a player do when he or she is asked whether they have won any online sweepstakes before? Instead of denying, if the player says that he or she had never won any sweepstake contest like this one, it will certainly create a good impression on the sponsors.

Slamming Sponsors’ product is Not a Good Idea

When a player enters online sweepstakes on a regular basis, he or she might end up winning prizes from some contests that they are not particularly fond of. When one doesn’t like the sponsors’ gift, it’s better to keep such negative opinions to himself or herself.

It’s absolutely not wise to get carried away in the heat of the moment and express hatred about the product that the player has received to the sponsors.

A company or a brand organizes online sweepstakes to generate awareness around their product and endorse them among the general public. Therefore, if a sponsor gets bad feedback from a player after he or she has received their product, it makes them feel that their marketing strategy or their brand itself is not good for the contestant.

As a result, the concerned player will be taken off from the list of sweepstake contests that the brand will organize in the future.    

Do Not Clam Up

Online sweepstakes are organized and designed with a lot of money from the sponsors with the simple goal of generating some publicity about the brand. A part of this strategy includes using direct quotes or product recommendations by the winners in the press release of the company or on their official website.

But the problem arises when the winner is either overwhelmed with the prize that he or she has received and is having difficulty getting their thoughts in order. This also happens when the winner is completely devoid of any excitement after receiving the grand prize.

So, the key is to answer all questions that a sponsor puts forward with sheer enthusiasm to the winner and get in the good books of the organizers for future sweepstake contests organized by them.

Don’t Haggle Over Prizes

The most ungrateful thing for a winner to do is not get satisfied with the prize that he or she had won and instead haggle for a different prize than the one on offer.

These haggling habits can range from asking for more time on the free trip to demanding a different model of a car, or simply exchanging the gift for cash, even if there is no substitution clause mentioned in the rules of the contest.

Sometimes the sponsors’ hands are tied with clauses from the provider or manufacturer of the product and thus substitution might never be an option of consideration. The contestants never get to know about those contracts and deals as they don’t serve the interest of the players. So, substitution in those cases is simply out of question.

Haggling or asking the sponsor to substitute the gift creates an impression that the player is genuinely not interested in winning but all he or she wants is more and more from that particular contest. The wise thing that a player can do when he or she is unsatisfied with the gift is to graciously decline the prize.

In that way, the sponsor can pick a different winner and the question of a bad impression for the sponsor to form on the previous winner does not arise at all.

Don’t Forget Sponsors are also People

No matter how big a sponsor or a brand is, every sweepstake contest is organized and implemented by a group of people who are as excited as the contestants about the whole process.

So, small things like a note of gratitude to the sponsors after winning can go a long way in making a big difference, and believe it or not these little efforts are much appreciated by the people behind the scenes who decide whether or not to produce more online sweepstake contests for the future.

The minimum a player can do is send a thank-you email upon receiving the win notification or if he or she can include a picture of them with the gift they have received, it can definitely put a smile on the sponsors’ face and they will surely go for launching another sweepstake contest in the coming days.

After all, the more the number of sweepstake contests in the online space, the more is the chance of a player to try his or her luck at them.


It’s important that an online sweepstakes player always remember that a sponsor conducts these contests primarily to get a word about their brand to circulate among the mass.

Therefore, when a winner expresses dissatisfaction, it does not ring a good endorsement tune to the ears of the sponsor. They either think that their marketing effort is not up to the mark or blacklist the player from their target group. Neither of the two cases will help the contestant in future sweepstake contests arranged by the same sponsor. Instead, if a player considers the sponsors as human beings and is a little appreciative of their efforts, it can bring some favorable conditions on his or her end for future sweepstakes. Either the player will get an additional discount on future purchases or they might be the first one to get notified about the next online sweepstake.

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