Strategies to Win Online Roulette

Strategies to Win Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest games to be ever played in all land-based gaming parlors and when it comes to the world of online games, roulette is surely amongst the most popular ones.

To most people, online roulette, just like its traditional version in a brick-and-mortar gaming parlor is a fascinating game of luck and chance but very few people actually know that there are some strategies that one can apply to their game to keep winning at the spinning wheel.

No player wishes to part with their money just by betting rashly on a roulette wheel and putting everything to chance. However, this is what many individuals end up doing while playing the game of online roulette. They simply bet with their hard-earned money and hope with all their will that blind luck will definitely bring them some return on their investment.

But wise professional players, do not leave everything to luck. They have a simple yet effective strategy on how to win on a consistent basis at an online roulette table. Just like the simple rules of the game, these strategies are very easy to learn and when applied methodically, they can surely turn in some healthy profits for a player.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the time-tested strategies, tips, and tricks that one can apply and earn some real profits by playing the exciting game of online roulette

Understand the Odds Before Placing the Bets

This is the most simple but highly effective strategy for winning online roulette games.

In the game of roulette, an individual can make a lot of money by betting huge on one number specifically while they can also make small amounts of money by placing their bets on many different numbers. The choice of betting rests with the individual, however, it is recommended that the more numbers a player bets on higher are the chance of their winning.

When a player bets a maximum chunk of their money on one specific number, the odds of hitting the jackpot becomes pretty low. This is because the chance of the puny white ball landing on that single number, all the way through spinning and hopping, is altogether very low in reality.

On the other hand if one divides the bet on many numbers or an entire column or even for the matter of fact, the entire half of the wheel, automatically the chance of the white ball landing on those numbers as one group goes up. So, this is the basic mathematical statistics of winning at online roulettes.

A beginner should never bet big on one specific number but try to bet on multiple numbers at the same time.

Try Different Betting Systems

The internet is full of articles on betting strategies and tips when it comes to online roulette. However, it is important to note that all those betting systems never guarantee that a player will win big all the time with their help. It strictly depends on an individual and his or her bank balance as well as their flexibility.

There is a basic betting system, a conservative system as well as an aggressive or Martingale system which is based on mathematical deductions. Every betting system is different from one another and each requires a clear knowledge of one’s own affordability and track record of winning or losing. Some systems require players to bet more when they are on a losing streak and bet conservatively when they are winning, while other systems ask the players to do the exact opposite.

There are many players who win consistently at online roulette games by not following any of the betting strategies while there are others who strictly stick to a system that works best for them. At the end of the day, the best thing to do is have a thorough knowledge of all the betting systems that are there and then figure out by using them at the games to know which gives the best results for one particular player.

Once the player has got some experience of both playing and winning, then, instead of sticking to one system for the rest of their lives, they should start implementing other systems to their games to see how those systems can be used to further multiply their wins.

 Know all the Roulette Variations

There is no one variation of this hugely popular game and the online world is flooded with quite a number of exciting variants of the same game.

If the European version of online roulette has 37 numbers that include one Zero, the American version has 38 numbers with one slot having double Zeroes. If one variation has better odds of winning, a player might only realize after playing that the payouts are not that great.

Whereas there are other variations where the odds of winning the jackpot are not that great, but the average payout to the players is more than decent.  So, before a player settles for one particular variation of the game, they should go through all the rules and regulations of the game and then should make up their mind whether that particular game is worth investing their time and money.

If any complication arises, the player should quickly jump to the next variation of the game and if they understand that version rather clearly and it intrigues their interest, they should stick to that version for some time before jumping on to another one.

When an online roulette game pays the players well and has decent odds of winning, that is the game to play for most beginners and professionals alike.

Legitimate Gaming Platforms is a Must

This is just as important a strategy as any. Choosing a website that has a long respectable history of paying winning players and running their operations fairly is absolutely crucial. Otherwise, no matter what winning strategy or betting system one applies, they will always end up on the losing side while the house takes all their money.

It is important that a player goes through the history of the website that they choose to play online roulette, in detail before investing any money into them. A shady platform is easy to spot if one invests some serious time into researching the site reviews before playing any game on them.

If, by mistake, a player invests time and money into a hoax gaming website, no strategy can ever save them from consistent losing. There are also some platforms that, in order to increase the house edge, have tweaked the rules of the game slightly. As a player one also has to have in-depth knowledge about the changed rules as well.

Suppose a specific online roulette website increases the payouts if a player doubles their bet or in the same way increases the house edge when a player splits. So, if an individual is not completely aware of these minute things, even by using their best betting system that has worked out for them so wonderfully over the years can still find themselves losing a lot of money simply because their strategy is counterproductive to the rules of that specific platform.

Therefore, before investing one cent, one needs to invest a lot of time in studying the legitimacy of online roulette websites and then go deep into the rules and regulations of that particular website to increase their overall chance of winning.

Sensible Management of Bankroll

Luck is a tricky thing and most importantly, it can be very moody. Even if a player is on a fabulous winning streak, by the sheer stroke of luck again, they can lose all their profits pretty quickly if they are not sensible enough with their winnings at the online roulette tables.

Online gaming platforms just like all real-world gaming parlors are simply not charities and even if they were charities, they would still want to make money for the charities against the players’ bankroll. So, one should be extremely meticulous about placing bets before placing any bet, one should always look at their individual affordability factor.

There is absolutely no credit or additional bonuses for going all in and then burning out all cash even before getting started to enjoy the game of spinning wheel. Just like all other betting games, the edge lies with the house. But unlike other games, in online roulette, the house edge is very low, and therefore, each player has an opportunity to win big only if they end up betting responsibly.

When the online world of e-games offers players ample opportunities to play low stake roulette, it is always recommended to play longer with small bets and thus keep turning in small amounts of profits instead of betting big and then losing big in no time.

Those players are the wisest who use only profits to turn in more profits. If a player is really riding on bad luck, there is no point in placing even higher bets to counter the previous big losses. On the other hand, the wise thing to do then is to leave the online roulette table and then come back after some time with refreshed energy and a clear mind. Betting more than what one can afford is a surefire way to go bankrupt.

On the contrary, if a player seriously wants to stay in the game longer and make some sound money, they first need to set aside a budget for themselves, then choose appropriate stakes that fall well within their budget, and then ultimately stick to a risk-free conservative betting system of online roulette games in order to make some good money on a consistent basis.


Just as it seems, online roulette is actually a very easy game to learn and play. To keep playing at it, one has to have a passion for the game and a good wise head over their shoulders so that they don’t end up losing a lot of money in a short span of time.

The longer an individual plays the game of roulette, the better it is for the player to get a real hang of the game and understand clearly how to apply the strategies in an effective way to form a regular habit of winning.

In spite of all the aforementioned tips and tricks, one has to be extremely flexible and be prepared to take some calculated risks if they are serious about turning in some real cash from the game of online roulette. However, all players should learn to manage their bankroll properly if they are trying their luck on any betting games in the online world. There is no substitute for betting responsibly and staying in the game for long.If a player follows these online roulette strategies, they will find out that even if it is not possible to beat the house every time, they are at least making some money, more often than not. The more one wins, the more they will start to enjoy the game of online roulette.

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