Strategies to Win Online Keno Games

Strategies to Win Online Keno Games

Online Keno is one of the most popular games in the world of e-gaming platforms. Beginners who have just started to play and enjoy the game often look for tips and strategies all over the Internet to maximize their win.

However, most of the time the usefulness of those strategies and tips is highly limited because online Keno is primarily a game of chance.

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Therefore, the strategies can help players in increasing their odds at winning but can never guarantee jackpot wins every time they play the game. When Keno is basically a sophisticated game of lottery, there is no surefire way to win at the game consistently.

The strategies for winning online Keno games can only be applied by players who are looking to improve at the game and simply increase their odds of winning. They are not for players who are looking to know the secret pattern of random numbers and hoping to win the life-changing jackpot using them. In a game of chance, it doesn’t work that way.

If a player finds the overall experience of playing Keno interesting and does not spend an unreasonable amount of money every time they play, they will definitely enjoy applying these tips to the next game that they will play.

So, let’s look at some of the tips and tricks with the help of which players can increase their chances of winning at online Keno games –

Choose an Online Gaming Platform with Better Odds

There are thousands of online gaming platforms with multiple variations of the familiar game of Keno. Each platform and each variation has their unique rules and most importantly unique payout charts.

It’s for the players to decide which suits them the most or which variation they find the most interesting. Normally, the most common variation of online Keno allows a player to choose from numbers 1 to 10. Then there are variations where 15 to 20 numbers can be chosen.

In each of these variations, the payout also alters depending on the playing system of these platforms and the total quota of numbers that a player chooses in the end to play the game.

Before getting fixated with one version of online Keno, a player needs to go through different versions and their different payout charts and choose the one that appeals to them the most.

Make Sure the Gaming Platform is Legitimate

Most professional e-game players do not put much weightage to the game of online Keno because of its lottery-like nature. Also, in the online game of Keno, the edge predominantly lies with the House and the probability of a player winning the Jackpot is realistically not that high.

When already the odds of winning big at the game of online Keno are highly stacked against the players, the last thing they want is to play the game on an illegitimate platform and surrender their hard-earned money to the shady owners.

Before investing even a cent, it is highly recommended for the players to read each and every review of the site that they are planning to play the game on. Even the smallest red flag should ring the loudest alarm bells in their ears.

So make sure at the end of the day, there is fairness in the system of RNG (Random Number Generator), the payout is on time and lastly, the word on the platform in the world of online games is positive and unambiguous.

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Play Free Games to Get the Hang

This tip might sound childish but is very important for players who want to stay in the game of online Keno for a longer time.

Even if a player thinks that they are already thorough with the payout chart and the playing system of their chosen platform, it’s always wise to try them out in a Free Game before getting involved with real money.

If a player chooses to try a new variation of the game, playing the Free version is absolutely a must. This will only stop the players from going wild with their playing and losing all the money at one go.

Also, try to choose a platform that gives a player attractive bonuses for playing online Keno. If the bonuses are lenient, they can use that money to make as many mistakes as they want in the game before investing any sum from their own pocket.

Change the Pattern of Number Picking No More than Once a Month

First and foremost, let’s bust the myth – there are no ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ numbers ever in the game of online Keno. It just varies from one platform to another, where some numbers get drawn a little more frequently than others and hence, the distinction between those numbers which are called ‘Hot’ and the ones that have not come up much in the recent draws, which are then called ‘Cold’.

Looking at the recent draws and picking all the ‘Hot’ numbers has not yet given the jackpot prizes consistently to any Keno players anywhere in the world. Otherwise, that would have been the only trick to win at the game.

In the online gaming world, RNGs are used to draw numbers and on any legitimate platform, these RNG algorithms are highly reliable. Only supercomputers can be used to alter or reverse engineer these RNGs. If a player owns one, that is a different question and a whole new subject of RNG study.

But for an average online Keno player, it really doesn’t matter how they pick their numbers for the probability of winning the game does not change by their individual patterns.

So, the best thing to do for a player is that if they have a pattern of choosing numbers that has been beneficial to them in the past, stick to that pattern for weeks before changing it. If from winning one goes to a habit of losing with the same pattern, then only should one think of changing the pattern entirely.

Set a Realistic Limit to the Losses

As online Keno is a game of lottery, most of the time losing is a big part of it than winning. A skillful player knows how to play the online game within limits and when exactly to stop. The real skill lies in this decision-making.

Proper bankroll management is the only thing that can work for a player if things are going south. If one is a millionaire or a billionaire, then caution goes out the window but an average online Keno player needs to keep track of their bankroll before going all in and losing everything at once.

A smart player is one who knows when to take a break and never lets emotion get the better of them. Just like other playing games in the world of online gaming, proper budget management needs to be done by all the players before they let go of themselves and lose all their hard-earned money in the blink of an eye.    


Just playing the simple game of online Keno and having fun is a much more enjoyable experience to many players who do not want to clutter their minds with random strategies and tips.

When the game of online Keno, just like other lottery games, takes the whole process of decision-making out of the players’ hands, most professional players would say enjoying the game and having fun is the only rewarding experience from playing the game.

The greatest thing about playing online Keno games is that everyone can develop their own style of playing and this is the fundamental reason why the game is so popular among players.

The strategies and tips mentioned in this article will only help a player to improve their own style and increase their odds of winning. Applying these strategies can simply evolve a player’s method of playing and choosing the numbers. It cannot do wonders every time they sit in front of a screen to play the online game of Keno.

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As long as a player keeps things simple and does not spend big bucks on playing, they will more than enjoy this extremely simple game of luck.

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