Reasons Why Online Poker Tournaments are Popular

Reasons Why Online Poker Tournaments are Popular

In recent years the world of online poker games has witnessed substantial growth. This is primarily because from ‘free rolls’ to real money games, online poker tournaments offer a lot to cater to the desires of players.

Long gone are the days when to play poker, one needed a more than sufficient bankroll as well as a sophisticated setting that appealed to the senses of the players. Right from the comfort of one’s home, a player can decide to play either every day or each weekend and continue to add sums of money to their actual bankroll.

This comfort and convenience of the online poker tournaments have made them an extremely popular choice among players over their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Here are a few more reasons why online poker tournaments have continued to gain their popularity for over a decade now – 

Get Big Return on Small Investments

Whether one is a professional poker player or just a newbie in the block, to play poker in a real gaming parlor, one needs a lot of cash. This is because to stay at the top of the poker hierarchy, there is no substitute for big wads of cash –at least in a land-based gaming parlor.

But the magic of the online world is that to play legit poker tournaments a player doesn’t have to be extremely rich with a big bankroll. The low monetary investment in online poker tournaments compared to the enormous payoffs that one needs to make in the real world draws professional players along with the recreational ones into the online world of poker.

Be it a big live tournament or a simple cash game, small bankrolls give each and every player an opportunity to climb up the ladder of the poker hierarchy. Some major gaming websites even host flagship poker tournaments that allow players with small amounts of money to test their luck and skill against the big boys. This is simply unimaginable when it comes to a poker tournament in a real gaming parlor.

This feature of online poker tournaments allures a big number of players to challenge a large number of competitors and test their knowledge of the game at multi-table tournaments (MTT), where they can even win the grand prize or get their biggest career poker score with a very small bankroll.

On top of that most websites have ‘freerolls or free poker tournaments where a player can learn how to make real cash by playing competitive poker and learning the technicalities of the game.  

Consistent Tournament Fees (Rake Rates)

Online poker tournaments offer consistent, as well as “easy-to-understand” rake rates that remain unaltered almost throughout the years of its operation. This allows professional players and beginners to get accustomed to the tournament fees percentage that each website charges.

When a player easily understands the percentage rates and how much of their investment will get into the decided prize pool, it gets simplified on the players’ end to know how much he or she should pay to play that tournament and how much money the winner will get.

Although there is a decrease in the cash-back rewards offered by many major online poker websites over recent years, the MTT fee rates remain unchanged. Most of the major websites charge around 10% fees for players to give them an entry to the low-stake games.  

Convenient Tournaments

When it comes to convenience, there is no replacing the world of the internet and therefore, online poker tournaments are absolutely no exception.

When in a real-world gaming parlor a player needs a lot of money to get a chance at a poker table and even after that, he or she could have to wait for their chance, with online poker tournaments, these kinds of possibilities are out of the question.

With small bankrolls and from a laptop or a mobile phone, any poker enthusiast can compete for the biggest prizes in the most marquee of online poker tournaments sitting cozily at the comfort of their homes.

Today, websites have taken this convenience factor to another level by accepting money from either online wallets, credit cards, or through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. What else does one need to try their luck at poker sitting at their homes?

Availability of Many Poker Rooms

The world of online poker does not depend on specific locations. There are more than a thousand poker tournaments that take place in the online world where a player can participate sitting at the remotest corners of the world. The only criteria is a working internet connection and that’s all.

A player has several choices to pick and decide on the specific tournament that appeals to him or her. If a player wants, he or she can also play MTTs taking place at different locations and increase their chance of winning by playing multiple games at the same time.

Exciting Live Stream Options

This is another great feature of the world of online poker tournaments. If a player is very enthusiastic about the game but a little skeptical about trying their luck at it with real cash, he or she can simply take a backseat and watch other professional players battling it out on a live stream of the game.

Websites have come out with this feature in order to get more eyeballs on their popular tournaments. Beginners or recreational players can access these streams from any location and learn from the established players how to master the skill of winning.

This not only just helps the rookies massively who try to learn the skills and tricks by watching a live tournament but also, sparks the interest among thousands of people around that particular game or that particular website. Overall, the online platform gets more traction and popularity among millions and aspiring poker players get a hang of the game by watching it live.

A Lot of Free Games

Another great advantage of the online poker world is that websites offer free games or trial tournaments to players in order to make them familiar with the technicalities of the game without losing any real money for it.

This is a great way for a beginner to learn the skill, put it into practice, and then become confident to try their knowledge at a real tournament. There are some platforms that even offer free tutorials to help one get accustomed to all the aspects of the game.


Online poker tournaments have revolutionized the poker industry by bringing every piece of satisfaction and convenience that one can ever imagine. There is absolutely no need for an enthusiastic poker player to step out of his or her house when better facilities are served to them over the world of the internet in the most desirable platter that a player can think of.

No need to be a millionaire or have a substantial bankroll to try one’s luck and skill at a marquee poker tournament anymore. No matter where a player is in the world, by a simple click of the mouse or from his or her personal mobile phone, they can take part in the most exciting of poker tournaments taking place anywhere in the world. It is an attractive as well as a comfortable option and if one is looking to add some real money to their bank accounts, there is no need whatsoever for a player to drive a few miles to find a good land-based gaming parlor. The world of online poker tournaments is the right one for a professional poker player as well as for an enthusiastic beginner.

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