Pro Tips to Win More Prizes at Sweepstakes

Pro Tips to Win More Prizes at Sweepstakes

Winning big prizes at sweepstakes is a dream for all sweepers. However,  success does not always come easy. However, professional sweepers keep on winning great vacations, grand gift hampers, and even cash prizes almost consistently.

So, how do they manage to keep the shine of luck always on them?

According to professional sweepers, winning prizes at online sweepstakes is as much about having a sound strategy as having luck on the player’s side.

Here are a few tips from professional sweepers on how to win more prizes at online sweepstakes

Maximize and Prioritize Sweepstakes

Utilizing time to the fullest is the key to entering online sweepstakes. The less time a player takes to submit entry forms, the better is their chance of emerging a winner. This doesn’t imply that one should enter all the sweepstake contests in a haphazard manner.

For first-time players, it’s recommended that they read the rules of the contest thoroughly before entering and with a little experience on their side, players should try to streamline their entry routine as much as possible.

This is because in reality there are too many sweepstakes to enter and if a player doesn’t prioritize the contests which are suited for him or her, it’s very easy to get lost in the number of choices. No one wants to miss out on a good sweepstake with great prizes on offer.

Therefore, if one wants to enter as many sweepstakes as possible, they should maximize their entry time and prioritize the contests that offer great odds of winning.

For this reason alone, some professional sweepers use automated software such as Roboform to enter contests swiftly. However, it’s important to remember that some sweepstake contests disqualify entries if they are filled using form-filling software. So, checking the rules and regulations of a contest is an absolute must.

Make it Easy for Sponsors to Contact the Player

If a sponsor cannot get in touch with a player to inform them that they have won, all the hard work that has gone into entering the sweepstake in the first place will be for nothing.

To make sure that this kind of unfortunate situation doesn’t arise, a player needs to provide a contact number where they are reachable at all times. Checking the inbox of the email address that has been given to the contest organizers should be checked on a regular basis if not daily. You do not want to overlook an attractive win notification.

Once a player receives the win notification, it is recommended to act quickly so that the sponsor gets enough time to process the same. If there is any need to send an affidavit, the sweeper should also ask for a return receipt which can be proof that the affidavit was sent on time.

However, if under any circumstances a player fails to respond to a win notification within the specified deadline, it’s always a good idea to ring up the sponsor at once. At times, certain exceptions can be made on the late submission of paperwork.

Choose Sweepstakes that Involve More Work

This tip might appear contrary to the first one. However, it all depends on how a player incorporates this in their strategy to keep winning at online sweepstakes more consistently.

Many sweepers tend to skip contests that demand a lot of information from them. They simply lose their interest if a sponsor asks them all kinds of trivial questions or if at the entry-level there are multiple rounds for verification.

Now, at the surface, this might look time-consuming, but because it’s somewhat painstaking, the contest is likely to have fewer participants involved. As a result, if a sweeper keeps their patience and enters these sweepstakes, the chances of winning the contest increase substantially due to less competition.

Make Good Use of Sweepstake Directories

Sweepstake directories are blessings for dedicated sweepers as they help immensely in saving time and trouble.

These directories are actually websites that categorize and compile legitimate online sweepstake contests. Instead of going on a frenzy researching and scanning individual sweepstakes, which are in thousands, by the way, it’s super easy for a player to find them all at the same place.

When a player visits a sweepstake directory, they can search for sweepstakes based on their current location, the prizes on offer, and the number of eligible entries. This helps immensely in segregating the sweepstakes and enables a sweeper to find a contest that intrigues their interest and avoid the ones that are not up to the individual’s taste.

Some sweepstake directories also have a newsletter option to give a player the news of an upcoming contest that matches their preference, right into their personal inbox.

Fight Sweepstake Burnouts

Professional sweepstake players go to great lengths to counter the negativity.

If a player is entering a lot of sweepstakes but not winning any of them, it’s quite possible for them to feel demotivated.  This can keep the player from entering more sweepstakes and consequently decrease the chance of winning.

The negativity that comes from losing goes against the basic principle of winning which entails that   to get a shot at a giveaway, first and foremost one has to enter the contest. So, if a player is bogged down due to negativity, it’s important for them to shake up their sweeping routine.

Listening to songs that once brought the individual some luck or going through inspirational quotes from successful sweepers can go a long way in countering the negativity. It’s important to remember that keeping the fun alive to enter an online sweepstake contest and get a chance of winning a free giveaway is a must for any sweeper to keep them going at it consistently.


It doesn’t matter if a sweeper is a newbie on the block or has been sweeping for years in a row. Having fun at lucrative sweepstake contests is all that matters at the end of the day.

In addition to that, the key to winning for professional sweepstake players is their consistency in taking part in the contests that come their way. So, follow these tips to keep the ball rolling and always enjoy each and every prize from online sweepstake contests, be it a small wallet or a shiny, new car.

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