Increase the Chances of Winning Sweepstakes

Increase the Chances of Winning Sweepstakes

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to an email that says, “Congratulations on winning 1 Million Dollars!”? or “Winner! Winner! You’ve just won an Apple iPhone!”?

All of us love to get something for nothing and this is why today, online sweepstake games are the new exciting flavors of the e-town. Of course, the winners at the sweepstake platforms are chosen at random just like in a lottery. So, there is little one can do to increase his or her chance of winning.

Or is it?

Believe it or not, giveaways from online sweepstake platforms are not only about luck. The odds of winning could be higher by making a few adjustments here and there.

Here are some tricks and tips to increase the chances of winning sweepstakes

Choose Legitimate Sweepstakes

In the online world, there are tons of sweepstakes as companies often use them to set a buzz around their brand or simply to generate brand awareness among people. So, people need to be cautious while selecting the online sweepstake platform.

Do not enter any giveaway contests that ask for any bank information or credit card details. Generally, legit sweeps will only ask for the player’s name and email id, the latter to be used to send notifications about winnings or future sweeps.

Beware of the sweepstake games that get advertised on websites as pop-ups. These are typical scams to get hold of private email addresses and personal information.

Find Local Contests

Local and regional contests are only available to people who live in a certain area and therefore, the number of entries in those contests is few and limited.

This automatically increases the odds of winning as the number of people entering a local online sweepstake competition is far less than a sweepstake that is being contested nationally. Local radio stations, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are good sources of knowledge about regional competitions.

A player needs to make sure that he or she lives in the specified region mentioned in the contest and once they are eligible, they can take a shot at trying their luck.

Have a Separate Email Address

All online sweepstake platforms ask for a player’s email id to enter the contest as that is where they will reach the people if they win.

It doesn’t matter if entering online sweepstake games is a hobby or whether it is done for fun, having a separate email id that is different from the main email address is recommended. The moment one signs up for a sweep, the email inbox could get flooded with promotional emails and spam. In addition to this, one might miss an important update or notification from a sweepstake platform that the person has entered recently.

On top of that, if by accident, one has entered a scam competition, using the primary or main email id, it can put all of their personal information at risk.

Volume is Key

Have a look at the social media platforms and sweepstakes newsletters to find as many competitions as possible and if the person is eligible, enter each and every competition. This strategy is simply based on probability. The more sweeps one enters, the greater is the chances of winning.

On the other hand, there are many online sweepstakes platforms that give a player additional chances to win, if the news on the giveaway is shared with friends on different social media platforms. These bonus entries can often give a player an edge over the competition. So, keep a close eye and take advantage of any extra entry that comes on the way.

Set Aside Time to Enter Daily

The one and the only way to win sweepstakes are by entering it. And there are thousands of them, if not millions.

Devoted sweepers are persistent and take at least half an hour each day to enter various online sweepstakes games. They don’t restrict themselves to a desktop or laptop for entering the games. They utilize their cell phones, as that is the device that a person stays glued to most of the time. Also, they generally enter in a relaxing mood or watching an entertainment show on TV.

If someone wants to be a devoted sweeper, 3 to 4 days of each week needs to be dedicated to sweepstakes.

Enter Sweepstakes with Multiple Prizes

Sweepstakes that have runner-up giveaways, along with the grand prize should be the more suitable choice.

If a contest has multiple winners, the chances of getting selected increase. Even if one doesn’t get the grand prize on offer, sometimes the runner-up or the 3rd prize can just be as valuable and useful for the simple purpose of reselling the goods.

Signup for Newsletters and Follow Giveaway Websites

Being active on social media and following the big boys as well as the small fries is crucial when it comes to online sweepstakes business. No player wants to miss out on opportunities that come their way. Once following the platforms are done, the next step includes subscribing to their newsletters. Often, subscribing to these newsletters is just what’s required to get a free giveaway instantly.

Checking those online sweepstakes platforms on a regular basis and keeping an eye on the newsletters they send is key – as some exclusive information in them can put a player one step ahead of the competitors.

Read the Rules Carefully and Never Cheat

Online sweepstakes platforms take great measures to weed out any fraud entries to their contests. If a person is looking for shortcuts with multiple entries or otherwise, there is a chance that soon the email address will get blacklisted by reputed sweepstakes businesses.

Sponsors spend a lump sum to conduct these competitions to generate awareness around their brand. So, if they find an entry being done in bad faith, they can even exercise legal action against the person.

Sometimes, it’s possible that one has not cheated intentionally but still got disqualified. This primarily happens when there is a lack of attention towards the set of rules laid out by the sweepstakes platform.

Therefore, it’s mandatory for a player to meet every criterion and include every detail required by the platform for a legitimate entry. Although winning a sweepstake is mostly about luck, having a sound strategy for finding and entering an online sweepstake game does not hurt anyone. If anything, it will help a player stay positive. So, if the aforementioned tips are followed, and 5 to 6 hours a week is dedicated to selecting and entering legitimate online sweepstake platforms, anyone can have a shot at winning great grand prizes.

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