Effective Online Slot Tips

Effective Online Slot Tips

Slots have always been the most popular attraction among casino dwellers as winning big payouts with them is just as easy as placing a bet on them. No wonder, in the business of online casinos there are thousands of slot games today that are not just visually appealing but also, quite lucrative with large jackpots and record-breaking progressives.

The advantage with online slot games is that one can play them anytime and anywhere with no casino crowd around to drive a player insane or no pressure from the peers to go high on expenses.

But the fun won’t last, no matter what, if a person doesn’t end up winning.

So, if a player is not just looking at the online slot machine games to have some fun, but considering making some profit out of them, it’s important that before the person jumps right into playing, he or she should start on the right foot with some effective online slot tips.

Let’s start working at some luck –

Choose the Right Slot

Picking a suitable online slot game is essential for making long-term profits. Since there are thousands of online slot machine games, it’s easy to get spoiled for choices. But at the same time, it’s important to remember that playing a huge amount of games doesn’t necessarily increase their chance of winning significantly.

Instead, if a player finds a slot game that really interests him, it is better to stick to it and enjoy playing it. In that way, the person will be familiar with the rules of the game. Also, he will be able to track every free spin from the slot machines and the payouts that come from it.

Look at the RTP (Return to Player) number of your chosen online slot machine. The higher the RTP, the higher is the return from the deposit. So, an RTP of 97% means for every dollar one deposits in the machine, the slot will give back 97 cents.

Again, some slot machine games are more volatile than others. A highly volatile slot pays a player less frequently but when it does, the payout is grand. These slots are fun only if the player’s bankroll is large enough, otherwise, volatile slots could be damaging. For example, most progressive jackpots are highly volatile, and therefore, if a player is a newbie in the block with a limited bankroll, avoiding them, in the beginning, would be a good idea.

Just remember, if a player is having a hard time winning at a particular online slot machine, the person simply needs to move on and try to develop his or her mastery on the next one they find.

Go for Free Spins & No Deposit Bonuses

An easy way to keep playing online slots without impacting the bankroll is to take advantage of bonus offers that any online casino rolls out from time to time.

To lure customers, online casino businesses tend to offer a myriad of promotions that include weekly, monthly or welcome bonuses at the time of signing up.

Sometimes to get a player back to playing at their slot machines, casinos come up with free spins as promotional special events. Most of the time these offered bonuses are very generous and attractive as they are primarily directed towards loyal customers or first-time players.

Players should regularly read every email or message from online casinos, as these bonuses and free spin offers are usually time-bound and one would not like to lose the chance to grab a grand prize.

Local Vs Network Jackpots

Local jackpots pertain to one single casino and therefore, the money for the pot is generated from the players playing at the online slot machines at that particular casino. On the other hand, network or progressive jackpots are substantially bigger as the money comes from the pool of players playing at different online casinos at the same point in time.

So, at local jackpots with fewer players participating, the chances of winning are higher than winning a network jackpot of a million dollars with thousands of players participating from all over the place.

Although the local jackpot would be much smaller, it’s recommended that players should try their chances at hitting the local one than the network one in the first place as the latter might not only take a lot of playing hours to build up the pot but also, could damage one’s bankroll quite significantly in the short run.

Know the Right Bet

This strategy fundamentally depends on whether a player is looking to win life-changing money from online slot games or is simply looking for something that’s worth a nice warm dinner.

Keeping in mind the online slot machine games that have multiple pay lines, some experts suggest that when a maximum bet is placed on them, a player can cash out big on multiple line winnings. On the contrary, other experts suggest that with random number generators in slot machines, the chances of winning are the same, no matter what the betting amount is.

In the case of progressive jackpots, it is often found that betting the maximum stake is the only way to win big as these jackpots are connected between multiple online slot machines and casinos.

Again, if a player has hit 3 or 4 consecutive wins at a slot machine with a comparatively low return, it will be a mistake on his or her part to expect the next combination to be a big win as well. So, betting a maximum amount then can cause a huge loss of money.

Research the Payout Options

One typical drawback that online casino slots have is the fees that a player needs to pay for getting his money withdrawn.

Most of the time these fees are insignificant but, no one wants to pay money to get their hands on their own money, right? So, it is vital that one reads the payout rules of the casino thoroughly before immersing oneself in the winning experience.

Some casinos renounce these fees with a monthly or a yearly charge while others give 1 or 2 free withdrawals per player. If a player is a relatively low-roller, online casino slots with quick-payout features might just be the right ones for them.


Playing an online slot game is a great way to sometimes unwind oneself and kill some time. However, if a person is not careful enough, he or she can end up wasting more money as well as time. On top of that, if a player loses on a great deal, it can easily ruin the person’s mood as well as the entire day.

So, the advice is not to rush or go play an online slot game relying purely on luck. Before the first bet is placed, basic research on the site is necessary to pick the right games to play. Next, figuring out a strategy to make the most of the bets is the most important aspect. Knowing when to go slow, when to take a risk or even when to quit could just be as effective of a strategy as all the tips laid out here to win at online slot games.

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