We are the BEST CHOICE for Arcade Game Room Owners and Internet Gaming Sweepstakes Café Owners.

We Provide:

1. A wide range of selection of games with automatic updates

  • Thrilling Games along with Options to Add Local Popular Games
  • You can Customize Your Offerings from a Pool of Unique Games
  • Up to 40 Popular Games are Available and New Games Get Updated Monthly
  • Automatic Monthly Updates on Systems and Games that are Provided

2. Less Hassle with More Business Insights

  • Weekly Performance Reports and Insights based on Data Analysis coming from 10 Years of hands-on Experience
  • POS System: Intuitive Workflow that can be Picked Up in just 10 Minutes
  • Back-Office System: You Can Access Your Venue’s Performance Data, Anytime via a Mobile Phone
  • Owners can Access the Integrated Back-Office Management System through PCs or any Mobile Devices
  • Weekly Performance Analyses and Operation Suggestions are Provided

3. Years of Operational Experience in the US Market and Increased Business Scope

  • 8 Years of Experience Working in the US Market
  • Market-Proven Solutions

4. Professional Support and Flexible Set-up Options

  • Simple Installation and Fully Functional Operations, within a Day to help you start your business in no time
  • 24/7 Online Tech Support and Online Technical Customer Service
  • Operational With/Without Internet Access
  • Both Pc Compatible and Cabinet Compatible Versions Available
  • Supports Peripherals like Bill Acceptors, Coin Acceptors and Physical Buttons. Touch Screens are also Available according to Your Business needs

Connect With Us

If you want to Connect with us, we are always Open. Reach out to us with any queries and get instant support from our team.