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At Sweepstakes Games, we are into the designing and development of computer games and the provision of online non-downloadable games, such as Fortune2Go ™ and Fortune ™. We are recognized as a leader in the world of interactive and digital entertainment and is responsible for the creation of the Fortune Brand and its family of products and services. .

Our Products and Services include Sweepstake Games, Skill Games and Preview Games/Pre-review Game Products and Services, including the SS1 Fortune (or Aloha), SS2 Grand (or Train), SS3 Best Sweepstakes, and Fortune Elite Games.

In addition to this, we provide tools for businesses to help them promote their sales and increase their profit margin in a short period of time.

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Along with our Sweepstakes GamesCommitment, we give you the TOP 10 Reasons for Why You Should Purchase from Us?

  1. Customer Support EVERY Day of the Year
  2. Dedicated Devotion to Tech Support
  3. We are Available 7 Days a Week to take your call
  4. We GUARANTEE that we ALWAYS have the lowest prices and will meet and beat any competitor pricing
  5. Same Day Shipping
  1. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Friendly and Well-Informed Staff
  3. We want to see You Succeed and we will be here to help you when you need help
  4. Our Service comes before Sales
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